Rice Field Tours

Take an early morning guided walk through the local rice fields. The allure of the rice fields is one of the most appealing of Bali’s natural attractions and Villa Kropak, with its superb location in the rural heart of the Regency of Karangasem, is quite literally surrounded by acres of ancient rice terraces stepping towards the Tukad Unda River. These terraces have been sculptured to follow the contours of the land and descend in orderly lines down the steep incline of the hills.

Rice is the staple ingredient of the Balinese diet and it is farmed in Sidemen just as it has been for hundreds of years. The baby rice, with its almost translucent lime green leaves, is planted in the freshly tilled fields following the harvest. The fields are filled with water from the subak, the local irrigation channels which are a crucial part of Bali’s village agricultural system. As the baby rice grows over the coming months, the colour moves through every shade of green imaginable providing a visual feast for the senses.

Between harvests, the rice fields are rested and crop rotation sees them filled with vegetables, such as beans, chilies and onions, or alternatively, flowers for the offerings, these crops regenerate the soil and prepare the ground for the next nursery of baby rice in a few months’ time when the cycle begins again.

To be able immerse yourself in the rice fields is one of most pleasurable experiences you will have in Sidemen. Our local guide will delight you with his knowledge as you walk along the terraces past the flourishing plants down towards the river.

Make sure you bring a pair of walking shoes or trainers for the walk. The terraces are stepped and the pathways in between can be wet and muddy underfoot.