Guided Tours & Trekking

Guided local walking tours can be arranged through Villa Kropak or we can book  a driver to take you further afield.  Rice Field Tours:  a guided tour through the riverside rice fields to the Pasar Agung Temple; $10 US per person for one hour. Local Day Tours: Our driver will take you to Sidemen village to see activities including arak making , traditional weaving , salt making, rice fields and ocean views and a temple visit;  $50 US for 6-8 hour tour, up to 4 people. Long Day Tours to nearby Ubud visiting local sights and activities; $80 US for 10 hour tour, up to four people. Treks: Trek to the summit of Gunung Agung; $80 US including transfers and breakfast, minimum of two people. White Water Rafting: $50 US per person including transfers, minimum of two people. All tours can be arranged with our staff, please let them know if you have any special requests.