Romantic Dinner & Legong Dancing

Bali is one of the most romantic destinations in the world with its legendary sunsets, panoramic views and lush green rice terraces. Villa Kropak’s special Romantic Dinner for two takes place by candlelight in the Villa’s tropical gardens. And while you wait for your a la carte meal, our local Legong Dancers will entertain you with the mesmerising dance of the Balinese Royal Court. The exquisitely costumed girls perform the traditional stories which characterise the Legong Dance, featuring complex footwork, expressive gestures and facial expressions and intricate finger movements all carried out to the unique sound of the Gamelan orchestra. Make a reservation with the Villa Manager on arrival to book your dream dinner under the stars.

Dance: Local Legong dancers are engaged to perform this mesmerising traditional Balinese dance at Villa Sing Ken Ken. The dancers are dressed in rich costumes with gilt sashes and their faces heavily made-up with the eyes accentuated. The dance, recognised as the finest of the Balinese dances, is traditionally performed by young girls.

A Legong Dance performance can be booked privately or for a group. Check with the Villa Manager re availability and pricing.

Music: Our staff entertain our guests as they dine with music played on the Rindink, a traditional bamboo instrument resembling the xylophone, but with a unique sound that is both complex and melodic.

Shadow Puppet Theatre: One of the island’s shadow puppet masters is engaged to bring his ’troupe’ of captivating shadow puppet characters to put on a traditional theatrical event in the villa’s garden on special occasions throughout the year.

Ceremonies: The Balinese celebrate many festivals throughout the year and villa guests are welcome to attend. Major ceremonies are such as the Full Moon Ceremony are held in the main village temple which is an easy walk from Villa Sing Ken Ken. Ceremonies such as weddings and child blessings are held in the village family temples. Guests will be provided with the traditional attire required to attend festivals and ceremonies.