Traditional Indonesian Baby Shower Ceremony

In Indonesia, a traditional baby shower is held during the seventh month of a woman’s first pregnancy and Villa Kropak provided the perfect backdrop for this couple’s beautiful ceremony
The event, called Mitoni, is an opportunity to provide a blessing for the parents to be for the forthcoming birth. A bower made of leaves and floral decorations is created for the occasion and the mother to be sits here to receive the blessings. Attended by family elders, close family and friends, the ceremony has a number of traditional elements, many based around the number seven.

The mother to be is the ceremonial focus and she is showered with water gathered from seven different wells or springs and infused with perfumed flowers. The bathing or showering with water is to purify both the parents to be and the baby. The mother to be changes her ceremonial batik garment or sarong seven times during the ceremony. Each batik pattern has a different meaning and the last one is the most significant, representing a safe delivery and ongoing love and happiness for the family.

The father to be too has an important role; he is required to break open two coconuts on the ground in front of his seated wife. The way the coconut breaks is thought to represent the birth of a girl if it breaks in two , or a boy if the coconut is difficult to break and the coconut water is released onto the ground.

Mitoni is a day for the celebration of love and family and the guests shower the parents to be with well wishes.

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